Rfc Bandwidth Optimizer (RBO) SBO Solution

What is RBO Software?

RFc Bandwidth Optimizer (RBO) provides high quality software solutions to the IP Communications industry. Our flagship product, RFc Bandwidth Optimizer (RBO) helps IP voice termination service providers to save on bandwidth costs, thereby improving the margins in their business. Our expertise of working in the IP industry enables us to provide innovative solutions to VoIP termination service providers in those geographies, where international bandwidth costs have a large impact on their business. We have set up an advanced research and development team, with deep expertise in IP technology to develop high end software required for telecom industry.Voice termination providers who use SIM gateways and other technologies often face bandwidth constraints and blockage issues which hamper the quality of their services. Our product, the RFc Bandwidth Optimizer (RBO ) Best Optimizer, It has advanced bandwidth saving capacity. With the use of this product, service providers help in low bandwidth consumption.Quality stands high in our list of priorities and we lay stern emphasis towards maintaining our standards. As a part of our quality control program, we make frequent software assessment test to ensure that our products meets the quality parameters. Client satisfaction is our prime goal and we take utmost care to address clients' queries. Our dedicated support team is always available to provide 24x7 assistance to our customers.

Bandwidth limit is not an issue anymore. RBO reduces bandwidth consumption comparing to standards by 5 times. The idea behind the solutions is not to compress the voice packages, but RTP which is not an related with the sound quality. So the dream comes true that the theory of G729 consumes 8kb/s and g723 consumes 5kb/s per channel.

Security RBO provides high level security behind the internet. It works like tunneling which bypasses all types of firewall and securities.Comparing to other solutions like VPN, RBO leads the bid with its voice oriented solution which makes it much reliable and cost efficient product.

No Static/Real IP Required RBO provides additional features to variety of internet connections like: DSL, Wi-Max, Wi-Fi, 3G or Satellite. Even if there is no Static IP option, it is not an issue.

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