Vpn Optimizer(VBO) SBO Solution

Maximizing Network Efficiency with VPN Bandwidth Optimizer (VBO)

Bandwidth Limit is Not Issue Anymore

VPN Optimizer reduces bandwidth consumption comparing to standards by 5 times. The idea behind the solutions is not to compress the voice packages, but RTP which is not an related with the sound quality. So the dream comes true that the theory of G729 consumes 8kb/s and g723 consumes 5kb/s per channel and for per E1 (30/32 Concurrency) need 256kbps to 300kbps. Its work with any type of Internet Connection such as ADSL, Wimax, 3g etc.

VPN Optimizer is such a Bandwidth optimizing technology in termination which uses an open architecture with automatic device setup, intelligent software, and delivers real time information. The architecture consists of a scalable and flexible system, so the user can use it without considering geographical barriers. With Reduce Bandwidth Consumption service, you can save bandwidth usage up to 80% and minimize cost significantly. Additionally VPN Optimizer will ensure the Quality of service, highest level of security & maximum connectivity.

VPN Optimizer is available only monthly rental basis now and it is 30/32 & 15/16 Port basis. It includes VPN Optimizer server and client software, installation, 12/7 support and many more. Please contact with us now to subscribe or know more regarding VPN Optimizer service.